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Stay alert and never miss the hype with Eventevent app.
Now you can discover, book, buy, and share event across
Indonesia with just one application. Install Eventevent App now!

Get it to your smartphone
Eventevent Eventevent
Get it to your smartphone
Eventevent Eventevent

Hype alert everyday!

Say no to the yesterday news! Eventevent App able you to
discover the best event around you, share news to your
friends, and update the hype of the event you’re in.





Awesome features

Live stream

Want to join an event thet is far away? Or not that
far but held in your working hour? Maybe you
should try attending live stream event.

Mobile friendly

Everything in our app is mobile friendly. You will
experience a seamless process from discovering
event to checking in on the spot.

Book & pay event easily

You can choose between Virtual Account,
Alfamart, or Credit Card as your payment method.
We guarantee that it’s safe and secure.


Yes, using our QR ticketing system, you won’t need
to print anything. Just bring your mobile phone with
you and scan the event QR code to enter the event.

Get notified

Any update of the event or event organizers that
matter to you will be send right to your mobile notification

Get social

Keep engaged with your pals by posting media, sharing
event, following and tagging them along in your post.

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