Eventevent App is an all-in solution for
Event Organizers to post, showcase, sell,
share event, and track their event’s performance.

Post and sell you event easily

Try an ultimate experience in publishing and selling your event using our simple self-service system. No need to upload any personal and
business document, your event is live already. It can be accessed by the customers via our Android and iOS application also our website.

Post and sell you event easily
Manage ticket eventevent

Manage ticket and
track the sales

Add more ticket if you want to. You can also track your sales status as there will be a dashboard provided for the event creator. You can see the insight of where the impression come from. You can also export the customer data right to your device.

Manage ticket eventevent
infographic how it works

Pay as you go

Transparent and Cost-Friendly, No setup fee,
contracts fee or Hidden Fees

Pay as you go eventevent
Manage ticket eventevent
Manage ticket eventevent

Understand your audience
and maintain the community

Our QR Check In technology would help you track if the customer really go to the event. Keep tracking your customer their behavior on application after the event. Maintain the conversation make the sustainable community possible

As ticketing partner

  • Post and sell your event easily with our platform.
  • Everything is so seamless from the payment process to check-in process.
  • A win-win solution for you and your customer.

As media partner

  • Trust us to become your media partner.
  • We would love to help you spread the news about the
    event to all of our user using in app.
  • Notification, newsletter, and social media.

What can we help you with?


Showcase what you want to sell.
Your event will be shown based on
its category and location. Your event
reach will be shown through dashboard
so you can see how much users
and who do you reach.


With a secured payment system,
sell your event directly using our
app. Your customer can pick their
preferred payment option (Virtual
Account, Alfamart, or Credit Card)
and you can cash out your balance
through 140 local banks!


Keep tracking your customer to the
event day! Check them in using
event QR code and take a look
on those who really come.


Engage with your attendees!
Update event activity, invite
application friend to the event,
or share event link outside the app.


We’ll help you giving experience
the brand new livestream to your
audience, don’t let physical
becoming the barrier for
you to hold an event.


Features eventevent

Exclusive partner & benefit

By becoming our exclusive partner, you’ll have access to advertise using our channels and
get the chance to get video coverage, merchandise, or other exclusive reward – not to
mention, there are rewards for the EO too!