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26 January 2020 to 26 January 2020

Meditation - for Emotional Issues

Jalan Kemang Raya, Cilandak, Jakarta, Indonesia

15:00:00 to 17:00:00

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Meditation - for Emotional Issues

Have you ever reacted uncontrollably when specific stressful situations happen? In certain situations, we often let our emotions take over our day and succumb to it. This condition may result to unwise decisions that we might regret later.

In this meditation session, we are going to learn how to take a pause so that when certain situations trigger our traumas or negative emotions, we have awareness about it so we can have enough space in order to make better choices.

Suha is the Founder of Eling, a Certified TAT Pro, the writer of "Seni Mencintai Diri Sendiri", a Bach Flower Remedies student, and a meditator. Suha believes that everyone are able to heal theirselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. Only sometimes the ability is dimmed because of traumas and emotional issues they experience.

Investasi kelas:
1 peserta= Rp200.000.
2 peserta= Rp300.000.
Info kelas, hubungi kami melalui WA: 08999.22.66.82.
Pendaftaran & pembayaran kelas hanya melalui Aplikasi @eventeventapp (Additional charge 3%).

Jalan Kemang Raya, Cilandak, Jakarta, Indonesia

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