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05 February 2020 to 05 February 2020

Tiny Moving Parts Live in Jakarta

Jalan Fatmawati No. 28, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta 12310, Indonesia

19:00:00 to 23:00:00

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Tiny Moving Parts Live in Jakarta

Tiny Moving Parts has always been a vehicle for catharsis, and that’s nothing new on breathe. The fifth full-length by the Benson, Minnesota, trio sees vocalist/guitarist Dylan Mattheisen and his cousins, brothers Matt (bass) and Billy (drums) Chevalier, tackle issues such as mental health, anxiety and morality while also expanding their sound. Recorded with longtine collaborator Greg Lindholm and established pop producer John Fields ( JIMMY EAT WORLD, GOO GOO DOLLS, ALL TIME LOW ), breathe is valuavle reminded that we’re all in this together, channeled through the band’s trademark blend of math-rock, pop-punk and emo, albeit with a few new musical tricks ( including some electronic flourishes and a banjo). More than just a collection of songs, breathe serves as important emotional crutch. It’s the friend we all need at our darkest time. It’s the sound of a band coming to terms with their own morality, their own anxieties, their own self-doubts. And i’s a reminder that, as kong as there are songs sung back as if our lives depend on them, we are never alone.

Jalan Fatmawati No. 28, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta 12310, Indonesia

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